Connections: A History of Psychology as Science

Connections: A History of Psychology as a Science

is a departure from the standard history of psychology textbook, which focuses most heavily on the pre-scientific antecedents of psychology or the early history of the field, with scant attention to developments after 1950. In contrast, fully one-third of Connections traces the history of psychology, focusing on specialty areas such as perception, cognition, social, personality, developmental, and clinical psychology since 1950 to the end of the 20th century.


shows how psychology was shaped by developments in the broader culture, such as war, sexism, racism, technological advance, and changing values, while at the same time highlighting how psychology fostered and contributed to these changes. In short, Connections: A History of Psychology as a Science shows how the science of psychology emerged, was shaped by, and helped shape the 19th and 20th centuries.

In addition:

it focuses on the history of psychology in the 20th century and the myriad ways that psychology is shaped by and shapes the broader culture, the text is spiced with fascinating vignettes about the lives of prominent psychologists: Why did Freud use cocaine? Was Köhler a spy? Did Skinner do secret research for the army during World War II? These vignettes and others liven up the narrative for the reader and humanize the history of the field.

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